The Concept

GLMall is the first online marketplace catering to all needs for successful e-commerce on the blockchain. Users can create their own online shop and present their offers to an entirely new group of buyers who value their privacy and love innovation.

The genius behind the blockchain technology and why it matters

This entirely new platform concept enables, fast, free, transparent, and safe transaction on the blockchain made possible for everyone’s daily buying and selling needs. What makes this possible? GLMall’s native currency called GMBT, built on an early fork of the Skyfiber blockchain, developed by one of the original bitcoin creators. This blockchain is based-on -proof of trust and operates similarly to human social decision making. The more subscribers a node has the more trusted it is and if a node turns malicious it can be votes out by the other nodes in the network. This unique system allows for buyers to purchase goods and services on the marketplace without having to worry about fraud. All payments are held in a public escrow wallet until the buyer confirms successful order delivery, upon which the paid funds will be released to the merchant.

GLMall is the first online marketplace catering to all needs for successful e-commerce on the blockchain

GLMall doesn’t only optimize the buying and selling experience but also improves the marketing and advertising experience for both buyer and seller. Sellers can create their own advertising creatives which can be shared to the GLMall news feed and other social networks to engage new buyers. Furthermore, sellers can allow “crypto collabs” enabling buyers or influencers to share products they love through a specific promo code, earning them sales commission on the blockchain.

Fully integrated shop solutions in partnership with WooCommerce

In partnership with large suppliers of online shop software GLMall offers fully integrated omni channel solutions to integrate online shops of any scale and industry into the GLMall Marketplace. Through a simple API sellers can now sync their WooCommerce online shop to GLMall and activate any or all products to be sold in crypto on the GLMall platform. For these sellers, GLMall can also serve as a simple sales channel linking buyers back to the original WooCommerce shop to execute the transaction in fiat.

Listings on GLMall

GLMall offers thousands of product and service categories along with a highly sophisticated search engine for easy browsing. This combined with the uniqueGeo-Selection feature offers a great new way to buy and sell online on a global or local scale with the security, speed, and simplicity of the blockchain.

The Store on GLMall

A GLMall store offers all the standard features of an online shop but differentiates itself through its innovative crypto e-commerce features allowing for merchants to sell their products or services in various crypto currencies in a safe and unique way. There are three subscription models any merchant can choose from when selling on GLMall.
  1. The Standard - This allows merchants to set up to 100 products and/ or services live at once.
  2. The Professional - This allows merchants to set up 1000 products live at once.
  3. The Enterprise - This allows merchants to set up 20,000 products live at once.
Lean more about subscriptions here.


The Messaging system on GLMall is a great way to communicate between buyers and sellers about products and orders. It is also a great way to document any transaction or special agreements for future reference. Messages operate on either a product or order related level so that the merchants always know exactly what item/transaction an inquiry is related to.


This function is design to manage and save a user’s favorite products and shops. Once added to favorites users can return to find all their favorite products and shops in one place and quickly reorder in the future

Start Selling on GLMall

Creating a listing is easy and fast. Under “create listing” merchants can fill out a simple form covering all the needed information such as name, images, keywords, geographic filters, shipping details, etc. Once created merchants can determine whether to publish the offer right away or to save and set it live at a later point in time.

Geographical Selections

Geo-Selection is GLMall’s tool to enable product availability on a global or local level. Merchants can create one or multiple geo-selections and add listings to each to be displayed as available in one or multiple countries. Geo-Selections can also include shipping rates and models to simplify order fulfillment logistics for the merchants.

Crypto Collaborations (coming soon)

This feature allows sales agents and brand affiliates to promote their favorite GLMall products and get paid a commission through the blockchain as soon as the payment from the buyer is made. Sales agents are also able to share affiliate links with others to further promote products and grow their sales network for a particular merchant or product.

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