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Electric kitchen tap in stainless steel modern design


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The stainless steel electric kitchen tap is a modern and innovative solution for heating water directly from the tap. It is ideal for kitchens without space for a traditional water heater and for those looking for an economical and sustainable solution. The tap has a screen to control the water temperature and its elegant design makes it perfect for any kitchen. Installation is simple and does not require a plumber. It is efficient and energy-saving and can offer significant savings on water bills and the environment.

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The stainless steel electric kitchen tap is a modern and innovative solution for heating water directly from the tap, without the need for an external boiler. This tap is ideal for kitchens that do not have space for a traditional water heater or for those looking for a more economical and sustainable solution in terms of energy and water.

With an internal electrical control unit that regulates water temperature and flow rate, the electric tap is easy to control manually, allowing you to set the desired hot water temperature for a constant, instantaneous supply.

The sleek, modern stainless steel design makes the tap perfect for any type of kitchen, from classic to modern styles. In addition, its high-quality stainless steel makes it corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and maintain.

Installing the electric faucet is very easy and does not require a plumber. Just plug it into a standard power socket and you have hot water immediately. This feature also makes it a perfect choice for those who are not very handy with DIY or do not want to spend too much on installation.

In terms of energy consumption, the stainless steel electric faucet is extremely efficient and energy-saving. Thanks to its advanced technology, it consumes only a small amount of energy, even when used frequently. On average, it uses only a few watts of energy, which means that it can be used even in homes with multiple electrical devices connected to the meter.

In addition, the electric tap is economical to use because it only dispenses the amount of water required at the time, avoiding unnecessary water waste. Compared to traditional wall-mounted taps, the stainless steel electric tap dispenses up to 4.5 litres of water per minute, compared to the 12 litres per minute dispensed by a traditional tap. This translates into significant savings on your water bill and the environment.

The stainless steel electric tap is an excellent choice for those looking for a practical, efficient and design alternative to traditional water heating systems. Due to its ease of installation, durability and energy efficiency, this faucet can offer many benefits and enhance the user experience in the kitchen.

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